Best way to help save power in manjaro on a laptop

hey ive got manjaro linux I3 on my laptop and ive notices the batter goes down pretty quick anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to last longer.

I've had this on every Manjaro install I've done. I think it's just a little power hungry IMO. Turning off Bluetooth and networking if you're not using them definitely helps. Screen brightness and keyboard backlight as well. Other than that, I'm not sure what'd help.


I usually have Manjaro installed on desktops for this reason. It performs well but it's not as efficient as I'd hoped it would be.


well i would prefer it i had internet access :D and my laptop doesnt have Bluetooth even tho i wish it does since ive got some BT earphones and i tried to install something from the manjaro wiki on how to save power but it didnt seem to work


The key is tlp (short for "The Laptop Project").

Install tlp (sudo pacman -S tlp), and restart your machine, and you'll be at least as power efficient as under Windows.

Another alternative is you need more granularity in power management is powertop. Powertop has a calibration function based on actual usage that produces recommendations in a html file with scripted links, so you just have to click on those links of which the power management measure you want to implement.

But tlp does a great job, for me it has entirely replaced powertop, especially on Intel-based machines.


just done that and ive done the RDW one ill restart in a sec :D cheers

Would tlp also work on Fedora? scroll down and youll see fedora

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and tlp isnt helping :( battery still goes down fairly quick even with tlp enabled

Install i7z and check if the CPU clocks down.

Since manjaro is based on arch linux you might want to look at the wiki:

I have gotten my TP450s to a good 12h on halve battery brightness, bluetooth on, Wlan off, WWAN on, screen at 35% with TLP

Apart from having TLP enabled, disable unused hardware in the bios if you can, like the ethernet port for example since it's a laptop.
Edit: if TLP made no difference install powertop and run
sudo powertop --auto-tune
That'll basically draw your consumption to a minimum by disabling idle stuff.
You can also check with it how much each hardware component and software is drawing juice.


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That's what I get:

I've always had good success with PowerTop with the systemd unit.