Best way to get good WIFI in my room? PLEAS HELP

Hey guys,

So I have my router and modem on the main floor attached to the computer im currently using. the new PC is in my room. Down here i get about 83Mbps down, and up there it is around 15 using a usb adapter. for about $80, what is the best way i can get a better connection up in my room? not very good at all the wifi stuff so i'd like to know the absolute best way to get a better signal up in my room. THANKS!

Power line adapter.

could you recommend one?

a hard wire 

it is the only way 

I would try to relocate the router to a more central position, and running powerline or enthernet to the PC, that way, everythings get better wifi coverage

Linksy or D-Link will do you fine.  Get whichever on is cheaper or on sale.

its really hard to wire the main computer down stairs and my new one upstairs

Not with powerline.  That is actually quite easy.

powerline uses your house's electric wiring to make a data connection.

oh i see, someone said hard wire though, is that what that is? and could you recommend a kit for a fair price please?

this is the one i use and i've had no problems

you can get higher speeds for more money but since i use it mainly for internet and not inter-home networking 200mb/s is much more than my ISP provides so it works fine.  i also like the plug pass though so i dont sacrifice power plugs space for this.

So do i need to buy the cables that adapt to the kit as well or do they come with them? I need these mainly for gaming, downloading movies and such. i get about 80 mbps down on this computer that is directly plugged in to the router. will i get similar speeds with the powerline kit?

it uses Ethernet cables.  the kit comes with 2 3 foot cables..

ok i see, the house is about 17 years so you tell me, im 15 and i dont know how to find out.