Best way to avoid static

Whats the best way to ground yourself when building a pc. Im paranoid about it.




Touching the case before touching components is enough. If you are paranoid, get an antistatic wrist strap

what about after your computers built? does the fact that its plugged in to a power outlet ground it?

No, if you discharge static electricity from your body into a component of a PC connected to a power outlet and grounded, you will still kill the thing. The point is not PC being grounded but you with your fingers discharging a voltage into a sensitive electronics. And you avoid it by grounding yourself, not the PC.

oh alright thanks


Man, I ran LAN centres for years, throwing parts about, stacking them in dusting corners, on carpets, you name it. The static thing is more or less a myth. That said I do use any spare antistatic bags for parts that are travelling long distance. As Dissentient said, if you're paranoid about it just touch something that's earthed beforehand.