Best Water Cooling Case -$250

What's the best watercooling case (large enough etc..) for watercooling 2 670's and a 3770k?

custom loop or AIO

Bitfenix Shenobi XL, however with 2 360mm Rads you'll need to be clever with how to mount HDDs (unless you just use SSDs like me :P)

Not really sure as many cases are limited to just a 360mm rad in that price range.

- zanginator

nzxt phantom 820 (top and/or front bottom mounted rads and lots of cable mgmt optns, very huge and heavy when loaded down), corsair 800d (just above $250 budget), Thermaltake Level 10 GT (built a lildifferent from normal ATX factor), nzxt switch 810, just a few ideas for your build

Aha alright thanks guys! I'm still not sure what I'm going to get but those are some pretty awesome cases! 


I don't know too much about liquid cooling loops but my case, the Rosewill Thor V2, has lots of room, plenty of places for fans, great airflow, and is only about $100-$160 depending on what color you get and where you get it.

Azza Genesis 9000 is a really good case for water cooling and it's only $160 on Newegg. It can fit a 480mm rad up top, a 240mm rad in the bottom and a 120mm rad in the back. That should be enough rad space to cool 2 cpu's and 4 gpu's!

NZXT Switch 810 or a Corsair 800D would be within budget and tons of people have built pretty massive loops in them.

Switch 810, Fractal Design XL R2, Corsair 800D, and the Lian Li PC-A71F.

Xigmatek Elysium?

Corsair 800D, you can put anything in there