Best VPN

Hey tek syndicate,

What is the best VPN for the money?

Will it be able to keep up with a 50 mbps download and a 5 mbps upload?

The only reason that I want a VPN is to protect my self from the sixth strike system. I'm not doing anything But I just don't trust the sixth strike system.

Thanks so much


Depends if you're just talking about torrenting or not.  If yes, then definitely use BTGuard.  It can keep up with any speeds you throw at it

But if you just mean browsing, I really wouldn't worry about it.  If your ISP keeps saying you're doing illegal stuff, and you keep proving them wrong over and over, eventually they'll give up and let you be (hopefully realizing that their 6-strike idea is completely stupid and senseless)

I highly recommend reading this before slecting a VPN:


VPN providers hosted in the United States for example, keep a ton of logs which defeats the whole purpose of having one to begin with.

Just make sure you pay with Bitcoin; otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose of being anonymous.

Bitcoin is not anything near anonymous. It may take a little work but there is always a trail to follow there. Honestly as long as whichever service you use is located outside of the US and It does not keep logs then It does not matter If they have your payment information on file.

depends what you want it for really not to clued up on this sixth strike system since im from the uk. but personally just look round that torrentfreak link above that inert posted is very helpful just really like depends on what your doing if your getting yourself into some shady stuff, torrenting or maybe just want to be safe. a if you want to just be safe you cant really beat hidemyass vpn seen as they have like 30,000 diferent ips or something like that which is by far more than any others. but they keep ALOT of logs so be careful if your using it for anything you shouldnt be. ive heard pretty decent reviews on BTGuard and private internet access for torrenting but not 100% since ive never tried them myself.

hope that helped somewhat. :D

I've been using AirVPN (Bought 3 months for $20) and it's been very good so far. From Califronia connected to an Oregon provider my speed drops by about 20kb/s on a 50 mbps line so it's really not noticeable. The security features are great too and I have yet to see a line fully saturated. 

BTguard is okay but most of my friends that have used it reported a decent speed drop, if there's an AirVPN server close to you definitely go for it. Here they are:

Switzerland (1), Germany (2), UK (2), Italy (1), Luxembourg (1), Netherlands (6), Romania (1), Sweden (2), Singapore (1), United States (3).

If you want to look into them further you can check the website but there's a bit of a run-down.


This TekSyndicate vid should help