Best video card for 1440x900 resolution

I have been thinking about getting a GTX 260 for my next upgrade, but I am wondering if I will see any big performance difference on a 19 inch monitor. Would it be worth it to get a 9800GTX+ or something else for a smaller monitor? It seems like what makes FPS scores dive is bigger resolutions so would a GTX260 be overkill for a 19 inch monitor?

8800 gts. :/

possibly, but there's nothing wrong with it.

no, not overkill, depends wat game, and the native rez pretty good

Well, youll have more frames than a 30in. user....

if your using a 260

The ATI HD4850 is what I use and it plays every game I have encountered on very nice settings with playability and I am at 1680x1050. You can get one for around 150 dollars.

Matrox G-550....

4850 is the answer

GTX260-216 working on a 1440x900 would be a crime.

You may want to try the 9800GTX+ or the 4850 if you're going that low of a resolution; it'll render frames much quicker than if you were on 1680x1050 or 1920x1200.

If you do get the GTX260(stock), you can probably get the best of both worlds, for only $30 more.

i have a 4850

and i run it on a 1680x1050

it renders fine

Get the 9800GTX+ or the HD 4850, u wont need more for a 19" resolution.

Another question related to this. Can physX be used on both cards or only Nvidia, because Nvidia bought Agea the physX company. Can I use PhysX with an ATI card?

only nvidia cards do physx, but at the moment not too many games support it.

The Ageia card is out there so people without an nVidia card can use it, considering ATI AND NVIDIA users had to use it before nVidia bought the company.