Best Value Headphones for Gaming

I have recently been looking for headphones to be used almost exclusively for gaming and have narrowed down a few options and how much they will cost:
Superlux HD 668B plus velour pads- $70
Superlux HD 681 evo- $70
Philips SHP9500- $95

Which of these would be the best or rather the best value for money (eg. are the philips worth the extra $) for gaming (soundstage, positional accuracy, mids and treble and also comfort)
Any opinions are greatly appreciated and i am open to other options as i am sure there are plenty out there, my budget is $100 and i would like them to have a detachable cable.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don't have any of these but I was super close to buying the 681 evo.

In the end some other headphones showed up on massdrop. What I would say is check out reviews of these and see which you like better. And I know at least one person has the 681 evos around here. Maybe a forum search too would not hurt.

These are the best of the three.

Don't read reviews from forums, as 99 percent of people don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

Just check the frequency response graph of a given brand of headphone and work out what is more important to your use case. For example, warmer mids, solid bass etc.

Thanks Zibob, I have been looking at reviews but ill keep looking at more and search the forums.
Yeah Third mortal, I thought the philips was better but I wasnt sure if it was worth extra money. Thanks for the advice.
How is the soundstage and positional accuracy with the philips?

There's no such thing as a "soundstage" with headphones. There are a few high-end models that give the illusion of mid-range speakers, but it's not a good indicator of parallax delivery.

For $50-90 the 9500's do okay.