Best Value Graphics Card and How to Get One at up to 50% Off

Hey everyone! I am looking to do a new build soon, but I am kinda tight on cash. However, I am willing to spend the extra cash on a graphics card that is the best value or price to performance ratio and I am wondering what that is? I want a pretty powerful card. I was thinking maybe a gtx 770? Asus's Direct CUII OC edition? Or is it a better value to go up to the 780? Also, I have discovered a website called It is very simple. They hold a pole to decide which specific product in a catergory most people want and then they communicate with the distributor to do a mass order and give everyone a discount. Not sure if they make a profit off that or simply live off ad money, but the site looks legit and claims to be able to get you a discount as high as 50% off! There is already a graphics card pole on the website with a few suggested. I personally suggested the 770 DCII OC and I encourage everyone who is interested in getting a new graphics card to go to the website and suggest graphics cards or vote on the ones you are interested in that have already been suggested!

if u are not a FPS whore i recommend getting the GTX 770/670. With this card ur getting decent fps and nice graphics. its enought in my opinion



sorry for bad english, im from germany/deutschland

I'm going to get a 780 here in a few weeks.... pretty much a titan with less memory.  That website "massdrop" seems sketchy though. I've never heard of it.

This was exactly my thought. Framer per second ARE important to me, but I don't think there will be much difference in the gaming experience on a 780 vs a 770 even though the 780 may be as much as 15 FPS higher. Its difference between really high framerate and super high framerate. Thanks for the reply!





Your english is pretty good! And I am actually planning on a trip to Germany this coming Christmas! Any suggestions on things to do/places to go?

That was my intial reaction as well until i googled it and did a little research. I read a post on reddit about it and there were only good things said!

which city do you vist?

Berlin and Hamburg are very beautifull and interesting citys, but berlin is more touristic.

but remember if u are using 7xx cards u will need a PSU above 650Watt, 750-800 is recommend

I am flying in to Berlin and probably staying there most of the time because I have friends that live there, but may be travelling around. How far is Hamburg from Berlin?

I call bologna... it only uses 253 watts in a tortue test. You would be fine with a 650, just not much below that.

Ahhh got it. I didn't now that and was arguing with myself about whether to get a 650 or a 750. Ill go with the 750 for sure now. Thanks for the reply!

ya 750 is the safe way

Dammit! Now back to arguing between 650 and 750! Haha thanks for the information though!

If I was building a comp I would definitely go 750-850 with it, but if I was upgrading gpus and had a 650 sitting in my computer.... I wouldn't go out and buy another power supply until the 650 started getting old.