Best USB wireleass adapter?

I am looking for a good dual band usb wireless adapter (preferably USB 3.0). Here is what I am looking for:


-USB 3.0

-Dual Band ac/b/g/n

-Decently long range ( has to pass through 2 normal house walls and about 40 feet)

-Not too expensive


Wondering what you guys think is the best. I have my eye on this one:


But I would like some other people's opinions

Buy the cheapest one.  USB adapters don't perform very well because of the poor ventilation, they will get hot quickly and are also limited by the speed of the USB port.  Keep in mind that just because USB 3.0 can get 5Gbps, doesn't mean that it has the latency or bandwidth for wireless transmissions to go at that speed.

I got a D-Link N150 and I get a solid 8MBps (Bites not bits) transfer speed about 100 feet away inside a house.  The router is a ASUS N66 something or another.