Best Ultrabook

I'm going into college this year and I'm really looking to get an ultra book. Anything that'll let me get away with some light gaming. ANY advice would help. 

You're going to need a price range there buddy cause without one there's nothing stopping me saying this is what you're looking for 

Define light gaming cause if you can get away without a graphics card in the ultrabook it'll be a lot more cost friendly. I game lightly on a laptop with intel HD4000 graphics, light for me meaning no fast paced games from the last while and I get by just fine. 
is what I'd get or a Lenovo X1 carbon 

Good point. As of right now 1,300 is my limit, and when i mean limit I mean I work 2 jobs and 1 is at a summer camp. so this is my summer savings. Its hard out here man :'( 

I've been there, I really wouldn't bother with an ultrabook because it'll be pretty poor for that price. looks pretty good for the price and it's an affiliate link, at that price you could upgrade twice as often. 

absolutely set on an ultrabook look for asus zenbook ux31e or a HP Envy Spectre, theyre old but if you find it on sale for around 700 it's probably your best bet. Personally i'd get a lenovo yoga but that doesn't mean I recommend one. Go into local computer stores and get a feel for the different ones youre interested in, this will avoid any issue regarding the feel of the thing.

Hope you find something that makes you happy

Thanks so much man I appreciate it. I was seriously lost