Best ultrabook/tablet for school

Hi guys im going to need an ultrabook or a tablet with keyboard for school to take notes on and surf the web etc. I wont be gaming on it or do anything that requires much power, although a good battery life would be nice as school is about 8 hours. I really liked the surface 2 with a full version of windows, although its really overpriced. what do you guys think of the asus t100? If it could be under $400 that would be great!


XPS 12 by dell best of the tablet and laptop worlds and its an ultrabook at 3.3 pounds if I'm sure.

thanks for the suggestion, but its too expensive and they dont seem to make it anymore

A good tablet/ultrabook Hybrid is the VAIO Duo 13 and the Lenovo Yoga, but they are probably really expensive.
Perhaps the VAIO Duo 11 (slightly older, but probably significantly  cheaper).

You can't really go wrong with anything that's a name brand like ASUS or Lenovo when it comes to ultrabooks. If I were to get an ultra book for just general office or school use, I'd probably get something with a core i5, 8GB of RAM, and either a dedicated SSD or SSD cached hard drive.

Anything can be useful for me. I think they all have the same features.

you aren't going to get a half decent laptop or tablet for under $400, i'd look into a chromebook