Best ultra wide monitor? inmy price point

is there any ultra wides either a 144hz 1080p UW or 1440p UW or 1080 Curved UW monitors that are decent or just ok in a 400-500 dollar buget?

144Hz 1440p ultrawide... Not so much for under $500

Normal 60Hz ultrawide 1440p for under 500 is a definite possibility

For 1080p 144Hz ultrawide there's definitely great options, typically on eBay. Can dig some up for you here in a bit.

The only 21:9 Monitor that is around 500$/€ is LG 34UM95-P 3440x1440p but no adjustment und no 144hz and no curve. if you wanna great adjustment & curve & 3440x1440 you hit the 760-800$/€ PricePoint and with 144hz you go up.