Best TV for a living room Kodi and Steam Stream TV?

I’m looking to set up a living room PC that I will be streaming from. What would you recommend for this sort of setup? Does the recommendation change for different viewing distance ranges (ex 4 to 6 feed different from 7 to 9 feet)? Does pixel density matter for TVs? What refresh rates are good enough?

Also I’d ideally like to spend a small amount of money and I’m willing to sacrifice on features, order a Chinese/Korean brand, etc. I’d say my maximum price range is $400 but I’d prefer to spend around $250 to $300.

If there are a lot of replies to this thread I’d also be happy to create a Google doc and categorize the responses for reference.

Imo the biggest annoyance for TVs is the input lag. It’s not really a problem for your use case so whatever you can afford. Bigger is better but check rtings for quality information. They have the most complete database of testing that I’ve found.

this, i have a TCL and tho it works as a roku, games are… okay. i feel like its 20ms? if i had to guess… but i dont play on it anymore because of this.

it has a out of sync audio video on the hdmi so i couldnt us chromecast on it… really yes the input lag is a drag on any tv for me

i play on a 24 ASUS with 1ms due to the lack of lag… i feel like a god among mortals playing xbox. most FPS games i play i can tell they dont even see me and if they do ive already seen/started shooting

I’ve been using a Samsung that was rated at 19ms on the displaylag website for about 1 1/2 years now. Looks like they have even better these days, and I see a 43 inch 4k display on there for under $400. If you click on their database, you can put in your own search filters for resolution, size, etc.
Look out for anything with quantum dot, you will get burn-in.
One thing I have the most trouble with using a “smart” tv as a monitor, is getting it to play nice with Windows. If there would have been a “stupid” tv, I would have went with that:)
The tv has HDR, and I spent the first year fighting Windows every few months when updates came out. The latest update seems to be doing a lot better.

That link is extremely helpful! Thank you!

I don’t know what country you are from - but might you perhaps be overthinking it? Grab a TV in your price-range - test it out - doesn’t work out? Change it! I bumped my head and got the first time a “200hz” LG tv. That was well… Just a flat TV 42" inch something. A year ago I upgraded - 65" 4K . Density etc - no idea - it rocks tho - picture is good, screen is almost too big for my area (that’s something recommended to check out ) - now, I just use it as a TV. Hope you find something that works for you. Perhaps a new one is the way to go, and sorry - no input there.