Best Torrent App?

Which torrent downloader do you guys prefer?



utorrent, its fast, its great, its not using much ram... Oh and its a ridiculous awesome install method... lol, Click and there you go.

utorrent of course,it's the best.

then again good 'ol bittorent is probably second best, then azeurus.

Azeurus is dead last on my list. Takes up like 50mb of ram.

Dead last is Shareaza. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING would download on that fucking shit. uTorrent does what it's supposed to do, it's perfect.

µTorrent Deffo


Yeah, I use uTorrent and azeurus. The RAM hogging of azeurus doesn't bother me much.

It looks like Utorrent wins D:

utorrent :D

utorrent windows

ktorrent linux

i use bittorrent, wats the difference between bittorrent and utorrent?

if ur using BitTorrent 6.0 then nothing.

azureus vue remember pirating is illegal

I use OSX.


i used azureus until it became vuze, then i switched to utorrent. azureus is nice though, has tonsss of features.