Best Time to do new builds?

What in your mind is the best time to do new computer build or upgrade? I know a lot of people seem to do it during this time of year(Feb-May time frame) mostly do to tax returns and such. Do you find that certain times of the year the sales seem to be better on hardware. Also what are you looking forward to the most in the next steam summer sale?


just thought i would post my thoughts, i always like to at least wait one hardware cycle before buying the parts for a new build 

my favorite time to buy hardware and do a new build is when a new line of CPU's or GPU's are coming out, depending on whether you're basing your build around either of them as they are the primary components, lower prices, and you can get great deals on used hardware while people are selling there last generation parts for the latest and greatest, i never like to invest in brand new lines of cpu's and or gpu's with a few exceptions like recently purchasing the GTX 750 ti the first maxwell architecture card due to the price, and i wanted to do a small form factor gaming pc build 

1-2 months after the latest release. Gives the market time to stabilize after the "early adopters" rush in with their wads of money screaming "Take it! Now give me that newest shiny!"

Pretty much this.  2 or 3 months after initial release is usually when you start seeing periodic sales popping up too.

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