Best time to buy Components?

Hey all!

I have been wanting to build a PC for a long time but was wondering when the best time to buy the components for it would be. I was thinking around boxing week this year there would be alot of sales but I'm wondering if there are better times in the year when hardware will be at its cheapest.

Thanks in advance to all responses :D

P.S. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, if its not can someone tell me a better one to move it to?

Cyber Monday is probably the best but sales start usually 2 weeks before and continue after. However 95% of the sales will be for stuff you don't need or want, the good stuff is usually just free-shipping or bundled with something.

alright, thanks for the info caveman

yep, couldnt agree more.

Honestly when you need them isn't too far off. I'd also add when you can afford them. PC parts will always go down in price. You can't always sit around waiting for something to become more affordable. In 6 months or less there will always be a price drop or something you'll want to kick yourself over if you let it bother you too much. Just get what you need now and don't sweat the rest.

Black friday / cyber monday are always the "best" time to get almost anything, though you may not be able to get exactly what you want on sale.