Best thin laptop for LoL 60hz--UK

So the Situation is that i move locations alot, from my house to amateur tournaments, my mothers house and my dads house so i kinda wanna be able to just have a mobile solution that can play at 1080p 60hz constantly, i don't mind about settings other than the resolution and the framerate.
so if anyone can help me find a good thin laptop that can play league, price isn't an issue but its only league and i doubt it'll become expensive
Prefer to use uk amazon but any reputable site is fine for the uk

Any idea on budget?

LoL is hardly demanding, so you don't need to spend much.

i can spend anything, ive been saving up since i first started an apprenticeship, but dont want to spend more than £1000

This could be what you're looking for...

You can get a good configuration, that'll easily get 60+fps in LoL and for less than £900, and it's quite a thin package.

I have played league at 180 FPS on a C2D with a 9800GS. If you can find the thinest laptop you want that is an i3 or more with a GPU, do it.