Best thermal paste?

I took my cpu fan off to clean the other day, since then ive had bad temperatures (20 degrees above normal, compute turns off if I play a game such as skyrim or metro) So I decided to get some new thermal paste, whats the best to get? Thanks for any replies.

Whats your CPU and cooler ?Mybe you didnt put the thermal paste right!Logans suggestion states that you have to put a pebble (thats a little rock very little) sized of thermal paste on the CPU and then put you heatsink jently on it!

heres the vid:

Oh and another thing:before you put a new thermal paste over it make sure to use a non shreading towel with some rubbing alchohol like Logan sayd in the vid.Never use a normal paper towel!

I wish you the best and good luck!


Mx-4 or IC diamond 7 or Phobya Hegrease would be my choices, but any top tier thermal paste will be about as good as the other.

3570K with stock cooler (Ill buy a good cpu cooler asap) and thanks, I was wondering which to get since ive heard mixed reviews on pretty much everything. Thanks for the suggestions beyond!

prolimitech pk 1 I think is the best