Best TBW ssds?

anyone have a link to info or comparisons on ssd endurances? looking to pick up a 2/4tb next month but every article i find is just affiliate links with vague copy paste data from said links that only show highest storage size tbw

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I bought Seagate FireCuda 530 4TB which seems to be heavily write-optimized ssd:

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If they still exist then the SSDs made for chia mining have the highest tbws, after that Intel optane SSDs would be the second highest existing.

Intel DC SSD’s. I have a DC S3700 which is pretty old, but has 14PB write endurance

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lots of good intel DC drives

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Check out micron 7400/7450 Max series. I haven’t seen any higher TBW/DWPD number from modern PCIe 4.0 TLC products.

Iirc 35 PB for the 6.4TB version, 70 PB for 12.8TB drive. Smaller capacities are also available as M.2.
If this is still too low for your case, get MLC based drives, I remember Kioxia having some in their product stack.

You can buy used stuff if PCIe 3.0 will do the job as mentioned above. I’m still fancying with one of those old ebay Intel SSDs, but got 800GB Micron 7400 for my ZFS Slog and I’m more than fine with it tbh.

thanks for the suggestions everyone and djevel that was spot on

i will now rub my consumer brain cells together to purchase something in dealvember

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If this is a personal project, when you find some drive models you like, definitely look up historic sale prices/frequency of appearance on ebay and set up some search alerts. If you are patient you can often find used enterprise drives for less than $100 per TB, with +99% of the life left on the drive. As an example, a while back I picked up some 7.68TB Intel D7-5510’s for $580 each. That’s $75.5 per TB which is easily competitive with laughably inferior consumer drives. Performance is way overkill, but I’m gonna be pressed to find a more dense TB per PCIe lane for the price.

It is best to make sure the M.2 drives have a heat sink, and both M.2 and U.2 drives should get good airflow if they are actually being utilized to the point where TBW is an actual concern.

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