Best Tablet for Under$100

I have 2 little brothers in school, who could benefit from a tablet to store some things they need to know. And maybe some learning type of games. Thing is, cannot really afford to spend a lot on it, under $100.

I am not looking for the fastest tablet out there, just one that is fast enough to work.

I personally like the Asus Memo pad it is 7" tablet running android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) 16 GB of flash and 1GB of ram. Depending on where you get it, i recently bought mine at walmart for only $89.99. So that might be an option

Looking at it now and it seems like a nice tablet, but I worry about it being so slow nothing will get done on it. How would you rate overall speed?

if only your bros went to school in Los Angeles School District they were giving away ipads like whoa.

I like seeing that kids in school have access to this tech. But yeah, not in L.A. :/

the speed is nothing great especially when you completely turn it off and then turn it back on, it takes a bit to to get rolling but once you start i don't have any problems. But then again you can't really expect much for a tablet that is under $100.

On/Off speed doesn't matter, I am worried about major lag when opening things or things in general being sluggish.

If you want a powerhouse for cheap, look no further than the nexus line.