Best system for games? 750-800$


My friend wants to upgrade to play battlefield 3. His current PC is super old, we're talking Pentium 4 here. Anyway his budget is around 750 to 800 dollars. We live in Lithuania, so due taxes some parts are more expensive than in the US. We lack products from some companies like NZXT, and I'm thinking Radeon gfx cards won't be away to go, the prices are really high.

Anyway, please help my friend pick the absolute best system for 750-800$

Thanks a bunch!

You can always buy them from amazon. would be the best choice. 800 USD translates to 700 eur or so. Let's say 650 to be sure,lazy to check the currency. I'd say a 6300 fx 270x 970 mobo 4 gb ram a 1 tb drive,a cheap but decent case and a 500 - 650 w psu.