Best sub $300 GPU

Title pree much says it all. I'll be using it for mostly gaming! 

7950 or 7870 by far, you can find 7950 for around 280 now

on the Nvidia side its the GTX660Ti range, the top two are the Asus direct CU II card oc versions and ive heard the EVGA FTW card, as regard AMD's offerings im not sure hopefully someone else can link them up :).

At stock these cards are pretty equal (remember driver updates skew these results alot) but as a general rule of thumb amd cards overclock better than the nvidia ones, so if that what your aiming for you should choose a amd card

ok well I've actually found some 660ti for like $289-$309

all those I found for $289.99 


what should I do there are others on newegg but i dont know which is better 


Im not really an AMD fan to be fair (GPU wise), although i do try to avoid MSI. Ive heard Sapphire and XFX are good AMD card builders but somone else would be more useful in this area sorry.

From AMD, I'd recommend

300 bucks even, and it should be a good chunk more powerful than a 660 ti, at least in most games. And, as Namix said, the 7000 series from AMD is pretty much guaranteed to overclock very well, especially the 7950's.

That said, certain games tend to run better on Nvidia cards than on AMD cards and vice versa, so you should find a few cards in the right price range, and find benchmarks of the games you like to play, then use that information to help decide.

7950's compare to GTX 670's, and 7870's compare to GTX 660Ti's and considering compared the the nvidia rivals the AMD options are 50$ cheaper on average and overclock better thats the route id go.

Alright awesome I think we all agree on the 7950! Just wondering is the Gigabyte windforce really that good? I know three fans in theory should be really nice cooling but I just want to make sure

For that budget Id be looking at a 7950 or a 7870 Tahiti LE if you wanted a little cheaper.

660TI is a really good card and if you were going to use your PC for more "work station" tasks like Adobe CS, 3D rendering, video editing id say get it for the CUDA cores, but for gaming the 7950 or even 7870 Tahiti LE will do your better. 

ETA: that Gigabyte windforce is a excellent card!

Its either between these beaucase of the prices that I can get.


If you can refer me to anything else under $300 be my guest! :D 

i have one, the smaller fans help add extra static pressure which is awesome, they also overclock like mad, ive been up to 1150/1550 without trying and it was at 1.12v and never got over 63c

The Gigabyte is the best of those 3....and here are 3 reasons why:

1: it has a 900MHz core clock (the other two only have 800MHz. 

2: It has a 3 year warranty (other two have 2year).

3: it will run significantly cooler due to the 3 fans.