Best sub $100 case?

I've got $100 for some minor PC upgrades, including a case. I really want a phantom 410 or storm scout 2 but  I want to get some smaller accesories or maybe upgrade to 8 gb of ram too. What's the cheapest high quality case you guys would buy?

Fractal Design Define R4 its just a beast if you like air flow x7 fan mounts for 140mm or 120mm fans nice looking and plenty of space black/silver or white with or without window

I have a Phantom 410, I love it to death. Awesome case.

Bitfenix Shinobis are around 80$ and are awesome sturdy cases, the Arc Midi V2 is 90$ and also amazing, and if you want a plain mesh look you cant really go wrong with a Core 3000.

If you can manage you gather up an extra couple of bucks the Phantom full tower is a good option.

+1 for the Fractal Arc Midi V2, that case is awesome

The Antec GX700 is excellent value for money. I'm using one right now, it is generally less than seventy bucks and has two 140mm fans and a single 120mm out of the box. Also has a fan controller built in.

It's ugly, but I couldn't find better for the money. Check out benchmarks on its cooling too - it's pretty impressive.

With the fan speed on high you would have to pay a lot more money to beat it.

bitfenix survivor for that

I really like the shinobi window!

"best I would buy"

mac g5 case,they're on craigslist every now and again for ~80, takes some modifications but i just like the design

Between those two, buy the Storm Scout 2.

But you should get the R4 instead. much btter case.

The Phantom is just a piece of plastic.

Fractal Design Arc Midi r2

The Zalman Z9 Plus is a good option. I bought one for a friend and it runs really well for his build. The fans are all near silent when at max speeds using the fan controller it has. It has space for a top mounted dual 120mm radiator, too. I got it for $50 from NCIX.


yes I agree, for a gaming case the cooler master HAF XB or XM or the Antec 300/900/1100/1200 series, all value for money, maximum airflow for gaming performance.

I like the xclio 767 but it's not for everyone.

The Antec GX700 = similar price to the 300 two, but is superior to both it and the 900 in terms of airflow.