Best SSD?

i am looking for the fastest and best ssd on the market for around 120-256 gigabytes.  I have found a couple of choices such as the SAMSUNG 840 PRO and the ADATA SX900.  PLEASE comment below on which SSd is more suitable for my needs or if you have any suggestions PLEASE COMMENT THEM BELOW.

What are your needs? Is it for your OS and main applications/games/programs? Is it a temporary storage for video while you edit? Be a little specific on what you would use the SSD for.

i just want the fastest ssd out and i will be using the ssd for both of those needs.

Samsung 840 pro is definatly up there with the fastest ssd on the market. 

There is no 'fastest' as such because there will always be one drive that will out perofrm another in either sequental or randrom reads or writes

Reliability is more the factor. I'd say Kingston hyperx 3k or 840 pro. The intel option isn't bad either.

840 Pro for speed and reliability.

SAMSUNG 830 is on sale at the moment 256gbs for $159 

A Corsair Force GT is better and pretty cheap. 

Samsung 840 Pro, everyone else who names a different SSD is wrong.

Kingston is a wonderful thing. (HyperX 3k preferably)
Mostly for reliability. 

ok thanks guys i will go with the samsung 840 pro!!!

Actually I'd recommend th sandisk ultra plus, its faster than the samsung and similar in price