Best SSD under the $80 Mark Right Now

I have some money in Amazon that I want into a SSD. The thing is there is so many to pick from in this price range so I need some opinions on some SSDs.


I have a 128GB Sata 2 SSD in my main rig; once I buy this new ssd it will go into my laptop with a very sluggish 750GB 5400rpm HDD and the new ssd in my main rig.

So far as options I have


Hyperx Fury SSD

AData SX900

Corsair Force LX Series

but any others for performance would be great.


I could hold off a week for black friday next week just looking for options though

Samsung 840 EVO is a great SSD for the money.

MX100 but if you can swing the 840 Evo go for it. It has much better write speeds. 

And lower endurance.

AData SX900 and

The 840 Evo