Best SSD? And best RAM for Gaming

What is A good SSD that will give me ultra fast startup time that i want,   i have been looking into the samsung 850 pro,   and what RAM (16gb) it the best for gaming and and fast startup time, is it worth spending the dollars for better ram?


you do not need 16 gigs for gaming, faster RAM for gaming offers almost no increase, however, if deciding between 1866 and 21133 and there is no to little price difference, go with faster.  the 250 EVO is better for the money and the Crucial 120 gb MX100 is cheaper with close to the same speeds

I Want 16gb not 8 ahaha,   which brand would u recommend 

I have not seen a marked difference between RAM brands when comparing apples to apples (2133 to 2133 Cas 8 to Cas 8 )  If you are strapped, get the cheapest, if you are not, get the one that looks most awesome and has flashing lights with polar bears shooting lasers at katana wielding velosa raptors...or something

Yeah RAM will make no distance to the speed of anything as long as it's 1333 or faster.

And for the SSD, i've been told here that the Samsung 850 PRO is the best over all without going comercial, and then the best cheap yet still almost as fast SSD would be the Adata SP610.