Best Speakers for $100?

Hey guys, atm I'm using my headset to game which is all good (it needs to be upgraded too lol) but when my friends come over or my headset gets uncomfortable, I don't have anyway of listening without the headset.

So my question is, What is the best Speakers (preferably 4 of them) at $50? or $50 a pair (I'm willing to spend $100 if its good enough for 4 speakers)


Thanks in Advance!

Don't know if you have considered  a 5.1 system but at the moment I am using the logitech z506 speakers. Those are about 60 dollars on amazon and for the price the are really nice.

Do you want 2 sets of speakers? Forget getting your friend a set and get yourself a set of these.

they seem really nice (i wasn't gonna get a pair for my friend lol, i just wanted to put them around my room) i was thinking of getting these -  even though i can't find them in an australia store haha