Best sound card for under $50?

What are a couple options for sound cards under $50? 5.1 or 7.1, either work. Also Preferably off Newegg.

Im leaning towards the Asus because it has Spdif out on the back. Although the sample rate is a lot higher on the 7.1 card. Will that impact noticeably on sound quality ? 

no if you are using headphones or any thing less the 5.1 setup for speakers there will not be a difference unless you are going to hook up a 7.1 surrondsound system to it.

That optical spdif is going to be much less noisy than direct output from the 7.1 anyway. The increased sample rate is pretty much usless on that 7.1 card :P

ok sweet thanks! I'll Pick up the 5.1 card


just make sure you have an open pci e slot otherwise there is a normal pci version of the sound card