Best Smartphone to buy this year

Best phone to get? Anyone? Especially want to know what Logan and the rest of the TS crew think. Thanks! I was considering the 2.5K Oppo Find 7

Well that depends what you are looking for.

Do you want:

  • Long Battery Life
  • High Quality Camera
  • Inductive Charging
  • Low Cost
  • Software (Different UI Skins)
  • Root capable and Bootloader easily unlockable
  • Large Screen
  • Easy to grip
  • Small form factor

There is a lot of things in a handset that will either suit your needs perfectly or hinder you.  If you are considering the Oppo Find 7, I think it will be an amazing phone based off of the videos I have seen of the Oppo Find 7a.  We just need to see how it will handle battery life with that 1440P screen.


If money is an object for you, definitely consider this phone. It's not currently on sale, but it will be soon enough, and it looks quite impressive. Especially the price.

I do really like the Oppo Find 7, but this is almost exclusively due to the utterly bonkers display that they've crammed into it. If it doesn't come to the market relatively soon with that display, then it won't be worth buying, because those displays will have miraculously become commonplace in phones that have subsidization from a carrier.

Three of my friends have the Nexus 5 and I really like that phone I also liked the Nexus 4 I think they are good phones that offer customization.

Well in all honestly I really don't know what I want. I wonder what Logan is going to get.

Too late into the year to get a Nexus IMO