Best Skyrim Experience

Hey, guys!

As the title would suggest, I'm looking for a number of mods that would give me the best possible visual experience I could get from this game. When I say visual experience, I really mean only visual, nothing more than that; I can just get the rest of the "game changing" mods myself.

The reason I would even ask such a question is because I recently went a little crazy with my mod selection, and now I can't save my game. When I try to save (even autosave) it just quits the game. Now, I really really don't want to go over everything to get mods again, and I already tried to find the problem; which happens to be different every time you start it up (working sometimes, and sometimes not).

So, if anyone can help me with my situation, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd finally be able to get past level 10 in the game!

Thanks, guys

If you do not have the DLC's then do not download any mods that require them. That being said, here are my favorite mods: 1) 2) (you can find a torrent for this) 3) The Skyrim HD texture pack 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) HD mountains, f yeah. LOL 10) Nvidia Geforce Guide for better visuals:

Hey! Thanks for the mods you just posted. Most of those were some of the mods I had previously, before I deleted them all for a fresh new start. I recently just said screw it and just downloaded a whole bunch of mods again. The game is still working, and does look nice right now, but I just need one more thing: a mod that lets you wear clothing and armour at the same time! This is what I mean, being able to wear armour for the stats, and being able to wear another piece of armour or clothing for the looks. If anyone can find this one mod, you get free dicksucks.