BEST single rad closed loop CPU cooler...?

So, im doing a Mini ITX build in the Silverstone FT03 mini case.
(coolest case i have ever seen BTW,

I myself have newer owned anything but a stock cooler, so i need help. Because of the case size i am only able to use a 120m rad, the rad aslo cannot be more than 30mm thick (so no H80i T_T)

I will be running the cooler in only push configuration, since there is no room for push-pull.


I have done my homework, and found what i believe to be the 2 best options;

Corsair H60 (2013 edition)

Zalman lq310 

 Which onle should i choose? Some pros and cons would be great


Your help will be much appreciated. 



I've done a Silverstone Fridge with an H60 2013 edition with the stock fan, and it worked perfectly, AMD CPU temps were 40-42 °C under gaming load, so that's good enough. Make sure you have the 2013 edition though, the pump on the old ones is sometimes iffy. Only downside is the fan that came with the H60, it performs fine, it's like an air penetrator without bling, but when it spins down to lowest speed, it makes a faint high pitched noise, so it's better to change your fan profile to always rev up a little bit, it's not a loud fan, and the case insulates the noise pretty well, so that can be done without problem.

The upper regions of the case interior do get a bit hot, because there is only place for one fan, namely the radiator fan.

I have no experience with the slim Zalman, but I would go with the H60 2013 because Corsair had a generation of experience with that product where Zalman hasn't with theirs. The H60 2013 edition also uses another cooling liquid, with more glycol in the water, and that makes it perform better than the old version, the rad gets less hot than the old H60, which means the heat is dissipated more efficiently, and as the rad is the same, it must be the inherent cooling of the evaporating azeotropic mixture that accounts for that difference between generations of the product. The new pump is also quieter and more reliable and just looks much better.

i am not gonna use any fans that comes with the product i end up chooseing, the Mini version of the TF03 comes with a silverstone 140mm Air penetrator preinstalled at the bottom. 

I have heard good things of the Antec 620 and the H80i

it seems like most tests favors the H60 over Antec's 620, also, it looks better, IMO. the H80i is sadly not a option.