Best Single player games youve ever played

Hey forum, I want to know something, what is the best single player game you've ever played. Can be new or old, doesn't matter, I'm just curious. And why is it your favorite. 

Dishonored.  Combat is a lot of fun, story line is great, good twists plot wise.  After you get good you can beat it without killing anyone and without being detected and that was one of the most fun things i've done in a video game.

Conkers Bad Fur Day. One of my favorite games growing up, just cant find that level of immaturity in most games from back then, expecially on the N64 lol. If you've played it you understand what im talking about.

I would have to say the Half life series, to be specific Half life 1. I really like the story line to it and how it plays. 

I second that. Conkers Bad Fur Day's single player is amazing. Multiplayer is great for a few laughs too


there are so many, crysis 2 had a fantastic campaign and so did halo3 and reach, spec ops the line was also fantastic but I'm going to give it to mass effect 2.

Recently has to be infamous. Love picking between good and evil and seeing how it affects story.  Plus some cool power ups 

Burgertime best single player game ever


Skyrim, done

fallout 3/fallout new vegas, i'm getting  fallout new vegas on pc for the first time soon, going to mod that up.

Halo.... any of the games.. maybe not wars.. I know eww xbox, but still; its the best game ive ever played. its my favorite because i love the intense non-stop action the game consistantly gives. just dont play is on easy

Bioshock Infinite.

God guys bioshock by far



Dead Space

Hard Reset

These three boldly stick out the most from their attention to detail to creation of a convincing atmosphere. If you don't have atmosphere, your character motivations, story development, continuity, etc can suffer and really narrow your narrative that had made it feel whole.

Fallout 3 for sure

Uhm... Kotor ? 
Others would be Dishonored, fable 2 and bunch of others. 


Bioshock, Half Life, Metro, STALKER, Fallout, Mirror's Edge.

Have you noticed all the good games are set in a dystopian world?


Err... Got quite a few:

Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect 2, Metroid Prime (Trilogy Edition), The Binding of Isaac, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (haven't had the chance to play any of the older games in this series though), Portal 2, Half Life 2, Super Meat Boy, Starcraft 2 (Single Player's actually pretty decent, although multiplayer is what people focus on for obvious reasons).

Baldurs Gate

Icewind Dale

Planescape Torment

Knights of the Old Republic

Jedi Knight 2

Half Life / Half Life 2

Sid Miers Civilization IV

Sid Miers Pirates

Kerbal Space Program

Anno 1602 to Anno 2070

Company of Heroes

Deux Ex + Deus Ex HR

Mass Effect 1

Hitman Blood Money

XCOM UFO Defence

XCOM Enemy Unknown

Tropico 1 - 4

Faster Than Light

Hearts of Iron 2

Batman Arkham Asylum + Batman Arkham City


Rome Total War

Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim. Haven't played the others)

Frozen Synapse

Portal + Portal 2


Sorry, I tried to cut it down more but I couldn't ><

EDIT: How could I forget Fallout 1 + 2!

Xenon 2: Megablast

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Fable (original)

Putty and Pushover were quite good in terms of there puzzling nature.