Best Single Player Game?

Whats the best single player game in your opinion?

I want something that could possible run on my system, but if you don't know or haven't seen any of my posts which usually contain my system specs then thats alrighty too. Just get so bored with the 360 and the headaches come too easy.

HL2 EP.2

Really HL2? Not a very demanding game. Hmmmm

I have a few for you to check out (though im not sure about your system specs)

System Shock 2 (old but great highly recommend this game)

Half-Life 1-2(also ep1-2)

fallout 1-2

Civilization 3-4 (if you like that type of game)

devil may cry 3

Deus Ex (haha logan's icon is from this game)

Is Civilization a strategy game? I hate strategies. I hate devil may cry just because of the gameplay. and lol how do u not know muh specs they are in my sig. The rest I'll be sure to check out though.

Oblivion if you like RPG.



Mass Effect

Fallout 1&2

The best single player games are always going to be RPG's.

deus ex is the overall best single player game imo... if you don't mind the old graphics... heard a rumor that a team was remaking it with the source engine... that will probably be out of date by the time it is finished!

Final Fantasy pc games

i absolutely h8 final fanstasy games, i dont know why so many ppl r into it. but id say half life 2, is my fav singleplayer game, i might have another 1 but i cant think of it ATM.

i played ff12, wasted about 40 hrs and the so called great story they have never showed up, it was just like "OMG WE GOTA GET THE NETHLACITE!!!" like 1000 times, then its like "OHH NO NOW HE HAS THE NETHLACITE" lol after 40 hrs i was just like fuck this, and gave up. i cant beat ff games. 8 my disk got broken, 9 i beat to the end of the third disk then my file got deleted...

hl is a great single player as far as shooters go. im playing dues ex right now and am at the duclare residency and despite the old graphics its still a worth while game. bioshock was really good the first time through but since u have a 360 u might have played that..

you might want to try stalker since theres a new one coming out this month, im having a hard time geting into it though.. i might have to give it some more time since im only a couple hrs into the game.

what games did u play for the 360?

umm halo 3 oblivion cod4 gh3 shadowrun gears of war timeshift. although i really like fps and some good rpg games for pc.

did u play bioshock?

i cant really think of any rpgs aside from oblivion, i personally think normal rpgs have been really hurt on pc by mmo's like wow...

ughhhh bioshock. bought it for 40 bucks but RETURNED IT! i hate suspence thriller games just too creepy makes me jump, just like a quiet game of css when everything is sooo quiet then BAM someone shoots at you and it makes me jump. wow has just died to me. I beat oblivion but sorta cheated (100% invisibility and duping)

You don't like any games.. You don't like strategic games, etg( Age of Empires) Oblivion, best game as of 06... Resident evil... How about adventure games?

It will help to play games more enjoyably if you don't cheat. no challenge in it.

Might as well just play minesweeper..

i really enjoyed oblivion, i highly recommend that, plus the mods make an even better game

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step 1: download an emulator for game boy advance

step 2: download the following ROMS, golden sun + golden sun: the lost age

step 3: play golden sun first

step 4: play golden sun: the lost age

step 5:???

step 6: GOOFY TIME

step 7: thank me later for telling you about the best RPG... EVER, well not really but the games are hella fucking fun
















HAHHAA soooo funnay

Gears of War will really keep u busy..Great game for SP..I loved it.I was running it on a 7600gs everything maxed with decent frames..Also try Command & Conquer.

yea Gears didn't really amuse me much...Yea the mods for oblivion are great and all just soo boring. I really don't wanna have to fight some monsterous beast to get a WoW sword lol

Gears of War was good.

Bioshocks good as well.

Rainbow Six Vegas was fairly decent.

I loved Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.