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Best Screen Recording Software And Video Editor

Hey guys, I'm FernTheTechGuy.

I've been planning on making YouTube videos for some time now.  But, I have no money to spend on a screen recorder and video editor at the time.  So I'm hoping that of the members of Tek Syndicate know some decently good screen recorders and video editors that are free and don't leave watermarks.

I have already tried Camstudio and I found that it caused my keys to get stuck while recording, so that's not much of an option at the moment.

Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes.

Open Broadcaster and Lightworks?

I was going to say Lightworks as well.

Thanks for the sugestions, I'll be sure to check them out!

i have used FRAPS for recording on screen pc gameplay uses a lot of hardrive space though 

Hi Heimangor;

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