Best resources for learning Proxmox?

Hello, first time posting, brand new to bare metal hyper visors, and I’m trying to get proxmox working on my ryzen 3600 desktop. I’m going through the administration guide right now and so far it seems pretty good compared to a lot of docs I’ve ran into previously, but if there’s anything anyone else would suggest I’m all ears.

I have proxmox installed, I can access the web ui no problem. The issue is I can’t seem to figure out how to boot into the pre-existing windows install in a vm like I swear I’ve seen Wendell do in a video that I can’t find now. There are 3 disks, with windows installed all alone on an old samsung 830, there’s a 1tb hdd, and a 1tb xpg 8200 pro with a 16gb partition that proxmox is installed on.

I have 2 gpu’s in the rig and plan to passthrough a 280x to windows.

The ultimate goal is to have both a usable windows vm that I can game on, and get to run vm’s and containers separately on the one machine.

What is the best way to learn this stuff? Any suggestions at all are welcome.

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I think proxmox assumes you are not giving a complete raw device to a VM.

To give a VM a whole drive, edit the vm conf file and put the /Dev/sdx name there

You’ll have to use the terminal to edit the conf file directly to put the path of the device you want to to give to the VM

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