Best relatively cheap render farm?

I've started doing rendering on the cheap for people without a decent PC. However my PC is starting to die from being used at 100% at all times. Basically I'm wondering what are my option for a relatively (less than $4000 USD) that would be able to render things relatively sufficiently.

What program are you using? What are your expected average render sizes? Is this video rendering, or photo renders? GPU rendering? CPU Rendering?

And as a side note, are you willing to have an obnoxiously large case sitting around?

I use a mixture of Blender and Maya for rendering, both video and photo, and GPU rendering. And yeah I'm cool with a big case

Hmm, sadly I don't know much about Blender and Maya. Sorry about that.

No problem man.

I know I am a little late the party, however have you considered something along the lines of an Ikea Helmer setup?

Just use some decent 970 M-ATX boards with some FX-6300 and you should have a pretty beast data cruncher for CPU based loads.