Best recording mic sub £100

Hi everyone. 

I've been recording some YouTube videos and would really like to take them to the next level by upgrading my microphone. Currently I'm using my webcam's built in microphone and I've heard nothing but good things about the Blue Yeti.

The main draws are the ability to have latency-free feedback through the built in audio jack, and the Bidirectional recording pattern will improve my interviewing sections.

The only thing that's putting me off is that the cheapest price I can find it is around £95 which is annoying seeing as the Amazon price is showing no signs of dropping. 

So what would you guys do in my position? 

If you could quote prices in £ I would be extremely grateful. 

Thanks for your help guys!

You can get a blue yeti model for about £60. I got mine in maplin but im sure you could fine one on google.

The cheapest Yeti I can find in new condition is £95 from a UK based retailer... any help finding something cheaper would be much appreciated. :)

Yeah they seem pretty expensive. Go into your local maplin and look but if not you could always get another blue mic model.