Best Ram for fx8350 fatal1ty combo

I'm building a new pc after having lived with my old core2 duo for 6 years. I have a Fatal1ty 990fx board a hyprerX 120Gb  3K ssd a fx 8350 in a Fractal define R4  and am wondering wat is the best way to go with ram. Was thinking about corsair vengeance 8Gb  CL9 10-9-27. But to be honnest im not so knowledgeable about ram. So i would welcome some help/info witch route to take.


well basicly all DDR3 ram would work, notice that lower cache latency is more important then higher ram speeds.

I would say look at some  1600 or 1866mhz CL 9 ram. this is what i personaly recommend the most.

G.Skill sniper 2x4GB 1866MHZ CL9 ram, its also very nice color matching.

Grtz Angel ☺

Thanks Angel,


Have bin on a browsing tour and are going for the Mushkin 2x4 Gb stealth 1600  with a cas of CL8 8 8 24.

I think this a nice compromise of speed versus timings (good price as wel), and low profile so i'm free to use a bigger cpu cooling solution.


Grtz Denstieg.

I have a set of G.Skill 1866 CL 9 with my 8350. I'm able to put it at 2133 cl10 and it works great.

Mushkin is totaly fine ☺