Best R9 270X? Price is not an issue

What do you guys rate as the best R9 270X?

I have around €250 to spend so price isn't an issue, while I'm aware that I can get a Sapphire or MSI R9 280X for that price, unfortunately my PSU can't handle that and buying a 280X+PSU is out of my price range. I'm replacing a 5850, so it's still going to be a massive increase in performance.

So what is the best R9 270X in your opinion? I don't care so much about noise, I don't have a preferred brand, and I intend to OC as far as possible, so unlocked voltage is a must. A 4Gb VRAM model would be nice too. I've been doing a lot of research but I can't really decide on a card, people have been giving me conflicting information on how reliable different brands are, I assume based on their personal experience.

So far I've been looking at:

-Gigabyte Windforce 3X

-Sapphire TOXIC

-MSI Gaming

The Powercolor DEVIL also looked very good, but I read that it's volt-locked. 

i would recommend The Sapphire R9-270x or the Asus depends i think most people that buy AMD card will probably tell you to get the Asus Model because it's totally non-reference, its cool and quiet. however the Sapphire model is actually a bit more cooler. but the fans are a tiny bit louder not much that you will notice. however like i mentioned look at the Asus or Sapphire models.

Sapphire toxic is basicly the fastest one, out of the box.

But which psu do you have?

I actually recommend the you purchased at least 280 280x 290 290x 770 780 780ti Reason being that while they are good cards. They are at a point in which they will fall behind gaming wise with the higher demands that new games will require. Yes, what psu are you running?

I have an Antec Neo ECO 520W, a 280X would take me about 10W over it's capacity, and I don't have enough for both a new 600W PSU and a 280X.

PSU is an Antec Neo ECO 520W.

That power supply should be fine for a higher end card like a 280x , 770 etc

I am not a fanboy for either company I use both but if it were me I'd grab another 29 bucks and get gtx770.  amd cards seem really expensive right now atleast in the states and at a passmark score difference of 1735 (270x=4479/gtx770=6214) thats alot for 15-30 dollars. Mantle is showing a %15 boost and that may effect where it performs I know passmark is not the best comparison but thats where I start usually for info.

Nah, I calculated the wattage and unfortunately a 280X would put me about 10W over the 520W limit. It's also a good idea to have an overhead of about 20% for overclocking and for general safety purposes. 

Where I live (France) the 770 is around €280-300 unfortunately, and the 280Xs are around the €240 mark. 

use this to do a power budget its pretty accurate

psu calculator

I have a cx500, Fx 8320 and r9 280x and its fine.

Wow its the exact opposite in the states right now. I did some research for you I dont know if has shipping to France I am assuming yes but here are some links at some better prices then stated i did not look at the shipping and vat so this is flat pricing. Do a review of the one you get for us :) 

jour de valentines heureux, je prends ma femme à un restaurant français ce soir! Hope this translated well


x270 toxic 194 euro

msi twinfrozr 770 267 euro

sick deal on the asus direct 270x 162 euro

Thanks for the links, and yeah using that calculator I get 542W with a 280X unfortunately. I have a lot of fans and hard drives which add up. 

Yeah that deal on the ASUS is nice I might look into that.

Et a vous aussi, merci! 

What other components do you have though? 

For example I have three 7200RPM Seagates and four LED fans, that all adds up. 

I have an Asus 270x, best £180 I ever spent

Thanks for your input guys, at the moment I'm hesitating between the Sapphire TOXIC 2Gb and the Sapphire Dual-X 4Gb.

I wish they made a 4Gb TOXIC but it doesn't appear to be the case. What would you guys choose, the TOXIC has phenomenal benchmark scores, above that of a 7950, while the Dual-X has twice the VRAM which would be better for EYEfinity. 

I think the MSI 270x Hawk is the best one.

What does the MSI Hawk have in comparison to the Sapphire TOXIC?

520W 80+bronze is more then enough power for a 280X.

A 280X uses arround 250W max, the whole system with a 280X will maybe use arround 380W on full load maximun, and since a system does most of the time just idles arround. So a decent 520W psu  could handle it with no problems, unless, its a crappy one. but normaly antec´s are great.