Best qualifications for networking

So I'm a bit stuck here, I want to move into networking at a basic level within 2 years but I'm unsure who should I go with?

I'm looking at comptia for the basic then ccna but I have seen around that ms and can a together are the best as Comptia is just the basics.

So who do I go for I want to end up in security with hacking or network security.

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance! 

Lol I liked that but on a serious note I am stuck, don't fancy repeating qualifications that are under different names

I believe Qain does this for a living. He would be the one to answer your questions.

In the mean time I use for questions like these 

Hopefully this will help. :)

Personally i would go Comptia (Network+) -> CCNA then depending on your confidence after that either CCNP or straight to an Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing course.  From there it a case of learning the specific platform syntax i.e  Juniper / Cisco / Palo Alto etc. I would also suggest becoming familiar with WireShark or similar products, i think there might even be an certified course for that, but i not certain.

Okay superb :) I was thinking comptia then ccna maybe security+ I wanted to learn ceh via offensive security so thanks :) also Benjamin although I know he does a lot of networking I believe his main area is Linux I could be wrong but yeah he could provide even more info on the matter :) and thanks for the link!