Best PSU from 1000-1600W for personal workstation

Hi, would like to get some help for choosing a new PSU for personal 3D workstation workflow, that I am planing to build thinking AMD AM5 or 13Gen Intel platform. But also that can be used for Threadripper as an option for maybe Threadripper 4 =). Mainly usage would be 3D rendering and animation creation that needs 24 hours load up to 5-7 days sometimes to finish when making final animations. Also, we can use 1-2 GPUS like RTX 3080 or 3090 to render the animation if it’s on GPU.

Tell your options from best to chose and maybe more specific model that you think had less defect or problems.

EVGA There are many options from :

be quiet!
be quiet! Pure Power 11, be quiet! Dark Power 12, be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12,

Corsair RMx RM1000, Corsair RMx RM1000x, Corsair HX Series Platinum HX1200

Seasonic Prime GX-1300, Seasonic Prime Gold 1300W, Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W, Seasonic Prime PX-1300.

Cooler Master
MWE Gold V2 Full Modular 1050W, MWE Gold V2 Full Modular 1250W, Cooler Master V-Series 2019 V1300 Platinum 1300W.

This are main best brands that we have locally with 10 years warranty.
Thank you for the help that you bring us .

Are you comfortable buying used? If so the best choice is server PSUs.

It ends up costing lots less than a retail consumer high wattage PSU and you get redundancy.

I would say study each possible PSU, down to the T
Some PSUs may have the goods [wattage], but if connectivity lacks, is it actually good?
Since you’ve mentioned TR – do assess if the PSU, has multiple EPS hookups/cabling

All models that I have written have everything for TR. so no EPS cable problems.

The folks over at cybernetics have very in depth reviews on power supplys.
I really trust the pdfs those guys put out.
cybernetics PSU data base
I’m using a 1kw seasonic focus plus gold, so far no issues but I don’t put a large load on it (rtx 3060 + amd 5950x, it tops at about 500w, bought the 1000w because my original plan was getting a 3090)

You might want to also consider the superflower ones. Puget systems use them for all high end workstations and are reasonably priced. They are a PSU manufacturer which I believe make some of the EVGA models (much like seasonic makes some of the Corsair models)

Either way, you probably want to go twith a newer design since its not so much the load that is an issue with current GPUs as much as very short power spikes are. Newer designs should be better to cope with these spikes than an equivalent older design (see when the model was released for reference)

edit: Don’t know how much it may affect, but I’d also consider if the design uses pigtail power cables for PCIe devices or if it has 2 separate cables for the connector count. This was suggested by Nvidia when the 30 series launched.

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I’m using a corsair ax1600i with my TR pro system with 2 GPU’s. In hindsight I could have gone with a lower wattage model (at least for the momment).
I recently bought some tools to extract molex pins and a crimping tool, so I could change the molex connector, or do my own cables, though I haven’t touched any ATX powersupply connectors as of now, but I redid some fan connectors for a fans that came without a/wrong connector.
But when you do ATX power connectors/cables you need to be careful not to overload a connector/cable.

Thanks for the response, what do you think is the difference bet wing be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 ant corsair.?

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