Best PS1 emulator for Android?

I have a MOGA Pro Controller right now, and one of the things I wanted it for was to play emulated PS1 games and other emulators on my phone because touch screen controls SUCK most of the time. I see there are a few different emulators on the Google Play store and I don't know which one works the best.

I hear ePSXe is an amazing emulator, but I'd like to hear some opinions about the other emulators on there.

Also, semi off topic, but would you trust Any Emulator BIOS on the Play store for getting the necessary BIOS files to run the emulator?

ePSXe is great on PC, but I haven't used it on Android. I'd venture to say that if it was ported correctly, you should be good to go. As for BIOS files, just grab them from certain emulation sites, never pay for/trust them on the Play Store.

BIOS files you should search for: SCPH-1001 (US launch hardware BIOS), SCPH-1000 (JAP launch hardware BIOS, SCPH-1002 (EUR launch hardware BIOS). These are the ones I've had the most luck with on emulators on the PC, but nearly every PSX/PSOne bios has been dumped and are floating around out on the webz for you to find.