Best programs to use for "let's play"s?

I tried out the d3 or whatever on bops2 online (for no reason) and the video didn't seem like it really was 1080 or 60fps, I'll try again later (maybe i had settings wrong)


Is fraps good? I'll have to try20+ 30 sec samples to see if nobody here uses it


I've heard of others too but want to know what you guys use/why


Also i want to add webcam vid on it so suggestions on video editors with that is great!



You can use Fraps. Video capture software has the detrimental effect of causing your frame rates to drop. Be sure to have the GPU horsepower for smooth gameplay, or you could get some sort of video capture card. Someone else will be able to say more about it!

It's built into the desktop environment: Crtl-Alt-Shift-R and recording starts, same to stop it again and it's automatically wrapped up and packaged small in native resolution. If you need another file format, the pre-installed Arista will take care of that in only a few minutes.

I heard windows had one built in with a 10 minute max is this what you're talking about?

fraps and vegas...

Ow, windows, sorry, no, that won't work.