Best price preforamce 7970 vs7950vs GTX770

wich of these cards is the price/preforamce 7970 vs 7950 vs GTX 770 ?

Probably going to be the 770 at the moment, but I expect that the 7970/7950 will see a price drop soon. Also do remember that the 770 is a generation after the 7970/7950. I imagine that the 8xxx series will get things back to the way they were before. Whenever those come out.

if you have time look at the palit geforec GTX 770 Jetstream


i saw some online graph benchmarks  there i saw a GTX 770 is arround 2 fps faster in games then a 7970.  they are on the same price if im right so  yeah, a 770 is a good choice, but a 7970, is not a bad choice either. you get some free games included..

that's true