Best price/performance radeon hd 7970 ,7950 or GTX 6?

wich of these GPU s is the has the best price/performance ratio the radeon HD 7970 , 7950 or a GTX 6?? or 7?? and wich brand should i pick ? (asus , club 3D, MSI etc.)

The 7970 costs roughly the same price as a GTX 670, and performs on par with the GTX 680. It also comes with a game bundle that is hard to beat. It also has 3g of vram, as opposed to the 2g available on Nvidia cards. The extra vram helps with higher resolutions. 

If you're going to be using a single GPU, I highly recommend you take a look at the Asus DirectCU II 7970. I've got a card with that cooler and it is insanely good. I've only seen custom water blocks beat it in terms of performance.

Otherwise, MSI is a good option to go with as well. I recommend you avoid reference cards because they run too hot, in my personal opinion.

HD 7970.

More specifically...this model because according to some sources, it isn't voltage locked and is a beast at overclocking.

Although, depending on when they are due for release, I would consider waiting for the next generation of AMD GPUs.

7950 has the best price/performance ratio, actually the 7870xt has the best ratio but that card doesn't have many cooler options. I would pick an asus 7950 direct cu2 and be done with it. Good cooling and superb noise levels.

when will thos next gen AMD GPU s be released ?

thank you for your help 

thank you for your help

Well, I did a quick Google search and not a whole lot of promising information popped up.  There's rumors that it could be released in Q2.  So, that would be around June at the earliest, but I wouldn't expect it until around the holiday months (Q3 or possibly even later).

that's not the problem still have to get the moneny for my build and thanks for your help and time