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Best practice for post revision



What’s best practice for updating posts in different scenarios?

When is it best to reply rather than to edit one’s own topic or reply; and when and how should one inform of such alterations? I realize that it’s probably best if everyone endeavor to use one’s own discretion. But some basic general guidance would be helpful as a baseline in place of experience.
I am a forum-newbie after all…

Examples to consider:

  • Adding information to own topic
  • Update current status of own topic (E.g. project developments, changes or additions)
  • Correcting mistakes in own topic
  • All of the above, but when in reply form


I recently made my first ever blog post on this forum. But as I updated it, and saw a certain effect that may perhaps be exploited to garner more attention and views. This might be by design, but I’m nonetheless wondering if I am doing something wrong. I searched the forum, but couldn’t find any thread on the subject.


A thread describing “Recommended methods of revising own content” under “Rules, Guidelines, FAQ”.


Updates to topics push the topic by design of the forum. So far I don’t think anyone has abused it. We don’t discourage or encourage edits if you need to edit your topic or add more information. You can do what you need to do.

In my opinion, feel free to edit your topic if there is information you want to add. I edited this one 8 times for example Microsoft's Underwater Data Centre off the Coast of Scotland

You might also want to reply to your topic if its a significant amount of information or later on in a conversation. No one has ever been an idiot about it, so we’ve never needed to add anything about it. This covers a lot of dos and donts on contributing to the forum outside of the rules


Just do what you think makes sense. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.

I am probably “the worst” when it comes to post editing, I updated my GPP topic almost 50 times.
But when it makes sense, why not? :+1:


^^ whs.

I’d say that if you have updated info or corrections, its best to edit the original post rather than post later in the thread. As a reference piece, its far easier to find the correct information when it has replaced the incorrect information, and also reduces the number of posts to read through.

I’m a shocker for editing posts too.

if i have updated a post, i typically mention (“edit”) so that its clear to people that if they read it before, it may be different.