Best Power Supply for certain parts

My computer shuts off when I play high intensity games I know now it is because my PSU is not sufficient. I would like someone to recommend me a very top notch PSU to 100% be able to sustain all these parts. 



CPU: i7 4770k Have had problems with heat before


PSU: Thermaltake 600W 

SSD: 64GB Sandisk

Mobo: Gigabyte Mobo

RAM: Corsair Vengance 8gb

Go here: , then plug in all the variables that apply to your situation.

Corsair, Seasonic, and XFX.

you really can't go wrong with any corsair PSU or Seasonic. they are just amazing.

i have a AX760 AX850 and CX430M. haven't ever had a problem with any of them.

by the way 600W should of been ok for the things you have unless you are doing

some really really high over clocking even 500w would be pushing the limits but i

would still might be ok.  it might of been a default in that PSU or that its not haswell

supported for your 4770K. i would go with any of the corsair AX line but i all the PSU

below are Haswell supported.