Best power supply for $80 -$120

I'm updating the PSU on my current build and will transfer this new psu into my upcoming build. Right now power isn't an issue for my setup but I'd like something that will comfortably power a 780 or two SLI'd 770s. My budget for the psu is $120 max right now. What are my best options for the above mentioned price range? If possibly I'd like something semi-modular.


Thanks in advance!

Seasonic X 650.

Great efficiency, build quality, the OEM for most Corsair PSUs, so a low ripple, and perfect wattage for your 770 SLI. Fully modular, too. I'll be buying one of these when I sell my HX850 :)

Speaking of which, I am selling my HX850 for $110... Just saying.


Shameless plug

Until the XP system is sorted out.



The power supply joke is lost on you, Brennan?

Keep in mind, I can delete posts in this section ;)

Not lost, purposely ignored.