Best Possible Build for $450?

i have thought about this so far

is there anything better thant this for $450

(im on a really strict budget)

btw i live in canada


Well for two dollars more you can get two 4gb sticks of RAM which is much better than one and double the HDD space.

Hey for only $22 more

you get better, faster ram and a better GPU it's a 7790 insted of 7770. You can watch this video,  to see how much better the 7790 is to the 7770. (it's not my video)

Dont forget the operating system that will cost you another 100$

650ti benchmark

hd 7770 benchmark

Get shawnhogs build. You don't need to buy windows. And lastly, maybe a different psu. Shits 40$ for 460w and not even 80 plus. Might be best tho I didn't look.