Best portable HDD manufacturer?

So my current external HDD just started acting up, and I'm in the market for a new one. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Preferably based on actual data and not just "oh yeah, it works for me!" Not that I don't value that, but I'd like something a little more solid than someone's anecdotes.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

If you need to know specs, I'm looking for USB powered, USB3.0, >1TB, preferably 2TB

Get an external enclosure, buy yourself you favourite brand laptop HDD, stick it in the enclosure. You now have an external HDD with the reliability you know and trust.

I recommend the Patriot Gauntlet 3 or a NexStar.

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Will I need to plug it into an outlet?

This is key for me because I'll be moving around a lot with it and plugging it into a wall is not really something I want to deal with.

No, it is like a portable external drive. Try looking it up first to confirm your questions.